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Serving Those Who Serve/d

This demonstration project seeks to make the Veteran Savvy mobile app available for free to veterans, their families and "helper" individuals and organizations.   

Our Intent:

1. Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) app on the Apple and Google Play stores

2. Learning and validating the need for the app through feedback from veterans, family members and "helper" users
3. Engineering the app as we fly
4. Gain support and collective collaboration with veteran helping individuals, agencies and organizations
5. Raise funds through grants and donations
6. Fielding the MVP app to gauge veteran positive outcomes 
7. Evaluate if a non-profit foundation is needed to maintain the app


An Innovative Solution


Many veterans languish unnecessarily.  Veterans still do not know where to go to learn about or obtain entitlements, benefits and services.   

Veteran helping agencies are disparate and can better fulfill their intended outcomes for serving veterans through collaboration.   


We will create a mobile app for military veterans to simplify how they use and get U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and veteran "helper" organizations information they need and be able contact people and services to take advantage of veteran healthcare and benefits program and services.  The app will be available on the Apple and Google Play stores for free.  We intend to launch the app in July 2021.

Military veteran refers to a person who has served or is serving in the armed forces. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2019, there were more than 18.1 million veterans (15.78 Males, 1.64 Female) in the United States. In 2018, almost 6 million U.S. veterans had served in the Vietnam War, and less than 10 thousand remained from wars prior to World War II.

Currently, the VA only provides information on their websites which remain too convoluted and disparate to meet the needs of veterans trying to navigate the system to obtain their entitlements and benefits.  Many veterans simply give up give up and lose out on critical benefits afforded by law.  Poor health, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and suicides are major areas of concerns levied on families and local communities when veterans fall through the cracks and not able to obtain benefits and entitlements.  Additionally, we will endeavor to collaborate with veteran "helper" agencies/organizations to make their services and resources easily accessible to veterans.


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